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Cameron is an EMMY Award-winning feature and entertainment reporter for ABC 6 and FOX 28.

Cameron was born in Osaka, Japan, grew up in Southern California from age 7, moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2005 and currently resides in Canal Winchester with his wife, Katie. He graduated from Valor Christian College majoring in music. Before joining The CW, ABC 6 and FOX 28, Cameron was the Creative Director for World Harvest Church and Breakthrough Television for five years and has been working in branding, graphic design, animations, media, and television & radio production since 2007.

A world and pop culture aficionado, Cameron also enjoys music, eating every kind of culinary creation imaginable, fitness, extreme sports, festivals, meeting new people, and is obsessed with anything lime green. If it sounds exciting, he wants to jump in, experience it, and creatively share it with everyone. Follow him on Twitter @CameronFontana.

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Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Reaction to finding out you are the next CW Star: Oh man, I've never had so much excitement in my life, it was like in a split second my dreams became reality.. and I didn't know what else to do than to start jumping and literally run around the building!! You would've thought Justin Bieber walked in the room or something... I went crazy..

Favorite Food: EVERYTHING, but at the end of the day Japanese. Specifically "Okonomiyaki." Essentially it's "Japanese Pizza"... I ate it almost every day as a kid.

Obsessions: Lime green, White Barn candles, hot sauce, anything Apple, The CW, fonts, V-necks, High-top shoes

Hobbies: Going to the gym/running, iPhoneography, playing sports, trying new places with my wife and friends

Random Talent(s): I'm actually a really good bowler (from being in leagues as a kid).

Favorite Movie: Inception

Favorite Celebrity: Jimmy Seacrest (a hybrid of Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Fallon)

Favorite Music: That's so hard, my taste is very eclectic... I'm really into the Mumford & Sons/Lumineers/Phillip Phillips folk style right now, but at any second I could blast Blink 182, Michael Buble, or Journey.

One thing you can't live without: The color green!

Favorite Place In Columbus: Huntington Park (Home of the Clippers)

Favorite CW Show: ARROW! It's like a cross between The Dark Knight, Lost, and Dexter... I'm addicted. And would you look at that...his color is GREEN!

One of your biggest life lessons: My mom and dad taught me to constantly jump at any opportunity to learn something new and acquire a new skill. Even if you don't know how to do it, say you do, and buckle down and learn how to do it yourself.

Where's the furthest place away from home you've been? Israel, one of the greatest experiences of my life... I could eat falafels and bust out some Hebrew for days!

Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow Sherbert.... and usually generic store brands taste the best for some reason.

What do you often eat for your breakfast? Protein shake with bananas, oats and unsalted peanuts/peanut butter.

Which super power would you like to have and why? That's easy...Adjustable-Speed Teleportation. Theres so many places I want to go, friends/family I want to see, and so many things I want to do! This would enable me to accomplish those things while still being on time for work and dinner with the family. Plus, with the adjustable-speed, I could take, say, 10 minutes to teleport to Fiji and enjoy the scenery along the way, or a nanosecond to go to Australia and back.

What's in your bookbag? Lime green pocket lining, MacBook Pro, iPhone charger, protein bar, book (Quitter), random MiniDV tapes, my frequently lost Burt's Bees lip balm, peanuts, sunglasses, Sharpies

Bungee Jumping or Skydiving? Skydiving, free like a bird, not hanging like a dog.

Favorite Season? That's tough, being from California I'll always love summer with sandals, shorts, and the beach...but Ohio's best season is Fall with the leaves changing, festivals and football.

Panera or Cosi? I can't choose, Cosi dominates the bread and flatbreads, Panera has the Fuji Apple Salad.

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