Music Go Round Marching Band Sound with Dublin Scioto High School

Dublin Scioto Irish Marching Band

James Gray, Director

Number of years as director: 17 years as Head Director

Number of band members: 100

Assistant band directors: Ron Lewis, Jeff Chesser, Brian Vogt, Dr. Nicole Piunno

Field commanders: Sarah Krajci

Theme to the halftime show: Paradox

Life is full of paradoxical situations and concepts. The music of Dr. Nicole Piunno acts as a vehicle for experiencing the realities of life, reflecting on these paradoxes and how these seeming opposites are connected and weave together; acknowledging light and dark, past and present, beauty and brokenness, confinement and freedom, chaos and order, spiritual and physical, life and death. The Opening, Part One features a baritone-euphonium trio performed by Briana Holt, Rachel Riggs and Peter Haring; and a dance solo by guard member Kelsey Gray. The Ballad, Part Two begins with a trumpet trio played by Alec Bossa, Emma Roberts and Kevin Agyekum. Part Three brings the Paradox to a climax as the two main themes work together to bring the show to an exciting conclusion. And now the Dublin Scioto Irish Marching Band presents Paradox .

Upcoming events:

Co-Host Dublin Band Showcase with Dublin Jerome and Dublin Coffman HS Bands October 13, 2018; Compete in Lancaster & Zanesville marching band competitions September 15 and 29 (respectively).