The Football Fever: Resilient Shazier attends NBA Finals, remains upbeat about return


CLEVELAND -- Former Buckeye linebacker Ryan Shazier had his 2018 NFL season cut short by a serious spinal injury. He has remained steadfast that he will return to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Shazier has gone from a wheelchair to walking with a cane and has attended several high profile basketball events recently, like the NCAA Tournament in Pittsburgh and the NBA Finals in Cleveland as a big fan of Lebron James.

"It's (injury) definitely changed my life," Shazier told ABC-6. "Makes me appreciate every situation and thing that I'm going through. This makes me see things differently but I'm not going to let it slow me down because I'm constantly trying to work my way back and constantly trying to get back where I want to go. So I'm not going to let it slow me down at all."