Pumping with a purpose: Marysville powerlifters push themselves and each other

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Clay-Marysville powerlifters.jpg

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A gym in Marysville has become an outlet, if not a refuge, for 20 powerlifters, many of whom didn't grow up as athletes.

Owned and operated by Steve Pittroff and his wife Anna, PHIT Personal Traning and Crossfit has strengthened numerous teens: both physically and emotionally.

"They needed a place to feel safe and empowered and that's the bottom line. That's what we provide," said Steve Pittroff.

Along with providing structure, accountability, and coaching, the staff help the members harness the stress of the outside world and channel it to something positive inside the gym.

We use that pent up anger, the home life stress, the school drama, we bundle it up. We pump weight with our emotions," said member Mathew Kazmierczak.

After competing in last weekend's Arnold Sports Festival, the team will take part in Saturday's state powerlifting championships in Kenton.