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The CW Columbus - WWHO :: Vacation Tips from J.Bentley Studio & Spa
Vacation Tips from J.Bentley Studio & Spa

Every girl knows that when vacation time comes around it means that one
last emergency trip to the salon! My friends at J.Bentley Studio &
Spa provided me with some much needed hair, nails, and skin tips to help
me look flawless on my vacation!

Tip 1: Get shellac nails, longer stay time!

Tip 2: Hair products are your friends, try Kevin Murphy Motion lotion to keep your curls looking gorgeous

Tip 3: Always wear sunscreen! Try my favorite, spf 17 skin lotion from Cosmedix!

A big thanks to Marlo and Marie for providing us with these must follow tips for a perfectly beautiful vacation look!

Make your appointment at J.Bentley Studio & Spa TODAY!

www.jbentley.comVacation Tips from J.Bentley Studio & Spa

Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:34 PM EDT

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