Wisconsin police department warns of 'highly addictive substance' sold by young girls

Girl Scout Cookie sales.jpg
Girl Scout Cookie sales - courtesy Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington

KENOSHA, Wis. (KATU) -- Police in Wisconsin posted a light-hearted warning Wednesday about a “highly addictive substance” commonly known as “Thin Mints,” “Peanut Butter Patties,” “Thanks-A-Lot,” “Peanut Butter Sandwich,” “Shortbread” and “S’mores.”

The Kenosha Police Department’s Facebook post said young girls run the operation. It also said they get you with a “good cause story.”

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the police department is referring to Girl Scout cookies.

They say the treats will soon be arriving in their area.

“If you come into contact with any of these cookies, you can drop them off at the Police Department,” they said.

Police said they’ll be happy to assist with proper disposal.