Window washers go for wild, dangerous ride when lift breaks loose

Oklahoma window washers.JPG
Two window washers had to be rescued after their lift broke loose, leaving them swinging through the air (Courtesy: KFOR/CNN Newsource)

Two window washers needed rescuing shortly after trying to start their work at the top of a skyscraper Wednesday morning. The pair were on the rig when their lift at the top came loose, sending the large basket swinging out of control.

The men were inside, and could be seen holding on for life as the basket swung through the air, even striking the building and breaking some glass. It took about 45 minutes for fire officials to get the two men to safety. Both have injuries and were taken to be checked out after they were rescued.

The crew was set to work on the Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City, which is 844 feet tall and has 52 above-ground floors.