VIDEO: Kids nearly hit by oncoming semi after running across busy road

Semi almost hits kid 2.jpg
(Courtesy: CNN Newsource/Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø)

Multiple children in Norway are lucky to be alive, or at the very least unharmed, after they were nearly hit by an oncoming semi.

The incident happened in the district of Hallingal -- roughly 130 miles (200 kilometers) northwest of Oslo.

In dash cam video captured by Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø, you can see several children exit a bus and walk to the rear of it. That's when two of them decided to rush across the road just as a oncoming semi was driving toward them in the opposite lane. Fortunately, the driver slammed on the brakes quick enough to avoid hitting either of the kids.

According to CNN Newsource, the incident happened in June, but the video was just released.