Tiger cub rejected by his mom gets new home & brother at San Diego zoo

Tiger cubs.JPG
A Sumatran tiger cub rejected by his mom has gotten a new home at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and been partnered with a Bengal tiger cub found in a car crossing the border (Courtsy: San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

The adorable award for the week goes to a Sumatran tiger cub who is getting settled in at his new home.

The endangered cub was rejected by his mom at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. So the San Diego Zoo Safari Park stepped in and offered to take him in.

He won't be by himself though! The San Diego Zoo recently also took in a Bengal Tiger cub that Border Patrol agents found in a car crossing from Mexico into the US.

Zoo keepers say they'll keep a close eye on the pair for the next day or so, but that the newly adopted brothers became instant friends. Video captured by the zoo shows them checking each other out and them immediately playing and wrestling with each other.

They did take a break from each other to drink milk from separate bowls and take naps.

As long as things go well, zoo visitors will get to see the adorable duo grow through the nursery window!