Teens can workout for free as part of a Planet Fitness summer challenge

A new challenge from the gym chain Planet Fitness will let high schoolers stay in shape during the summer break for free.

Starting May 15th, teens ages 15-18 will be able to work out at more than 1,700 locations for free as much as they want. The challenge lasts until September 1st, and teens will have to sign up at one location.

In order to sign up, teenagers under 18 will need to go to the Planet Fitness location they choose with a parent or guardian to fill out the paperwork. After that, teens will be able to workout alone. They won't just be limited to using the equipment at the gym, they can also take some of the free fitness classes offered Monday through Friday.

Along with the workout challenge, Planet Fitness is also offering a scholarship sweepstakes. Every teen who signs up to workout for free will be entered, and at the end of the summer a teen in every state will be randomly selected to receive a scholarship. There will also be chances to win prizes on Facebook and Instagram throughout the summer.

To get more information on the summer challenge and signing up, check out their website here.