Teen sends college prayer list up on balloon, has her prayers answered

college prayer list2.JPG
A Georgia teen decided to write her prayer and wish list out then tie it to a balloon, and let it go. A man working in a nearby town found it and decided to help (CNN Newsource)

A Georgia teen will be able to accomplish her dream of going to college with everything she'll need, thanks to a complete stranger who found a note tied to a balloon.

The teen was accepted to college, and was going to be the first in her family to attend. But that excitement soon changed, as the family went through some financial struggles and realized just how expensive it was. The list of items from a comforter to a fridge just kept getting longer and more expensive.

"My family has really been going through a lot lately because my mom is a single parent and she's also disabled, and it's kind of been a struggle just trying to get everything I need," Mykehia Curry said.

Curry and her mom Katina Mitchell decided to just write out a prayer, and tie it to a balloon, figuring wherever it ended up was God's plan.

"I had the idea to tie a note to some balloons and just let it go," Curry said.

Where it ended up was in the hands of a Georgia man who's a power company employee, but also a minister. He found them while on the job early Monday morning in a nearby town.

"Seen something shiny and floating, so I walked over there and got it and it was balloons with a note tied to it," Jerome Jones said.

After reading the prayer and wish list, he decided to contact Curry and let her know he would take care of it.

"The praises go up, blessings come down. And that was one of those cases," Jones said.

Once the family realized he was really going to help, they said they all started crying.

Curry starts at Albany State University this fall where she plans to study nursing and work on-campus.