Mother's protective instincts kicked in when naked man broke into her home

Naked Breakin.png
When a man broke into her home, Etienne Vaughn's maternal instincts kicked in as she tried to block the man from coming in the window.

After a man left his house not wearing any clothing, he broke into a home on Butternut Street where a mother and son were sleeping. Her instincts to protect her son kicked in once she realized what was happening.

"You have to think about your child, and you're the only one who can protect them because they can't"

Mother Etienne Vaughn was sleeping on the couch with her son when she was startled by the naked man pounding on her window trying to get in. Vaughn said she immediately jumped up and grabbed a table to attempt to block him from coming inside.

"I picked it up like this and trying to block him from coming in and he pushed me back with the table" Vaughn said.

But the man was able to shatter the glass and make his way inside. When she couldn't push him back out the window, she immediately thought the worst. Vaughn said her biggest fear was him going after her son, who was a few feet from them in the living room.

"He was standing right there yelling and screaming for me... mommy mode kicked in and I started fighting him" Vaughn said.

Vaughn struggled with the man, but eventually was able to shove him into her son's room. Slamming the door and running to get police who were outside her apartment.

Vaughn was left to clean up the mess, including blood and the syringe cap used to sedate the man.

Police haven't revealed the mans at this time.