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Falling iguanas and lazy snakes expected in Florida as cold front moves in

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Falling iguanas and lazy snakes expected in Florida as cold front moves in (Photo: WPEC)

(WPEC) – More reptile sightings should be expected in southern Florida as a cold front comes through.

The state is home to more than 500 types of invasive plants and animals that do not fare well in cold weather.

Iguanas, pythons and monitors are just some of the invasive reptiles that will be hurting as temperatures dip. These reptiles come from tropical climates that usually don't see drastic temperature changes.

Trapper Mike Kimmel with Martin County Trapping and Removals says temperatures have to be consistently below fifty for about a week for iguanas to start freezing. Once they do, they fall from whatever tree or bush they're in and are in a coma-like state.

"It's a good time to take them out because they are an invasive species and they are bad for our eco system and infrastructure," said Kimmel.

The cold turns invasive Burmese Pythons into lethargic creatures, meaning it's a good time to hunt for pythons.

Reptile sightings in general will be up as it cools, according to Kimmel. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures and therefore like to bask in the sun to soak in heat during this chilly time.

Kimmel warns not to try to pick these creatures up as they turn lazy; once they heat back up, they can bite.