Parents didn't believe kids about a 'creature' in the bedroom, then they found an opossum

Possum found in childrens bedroom web.png
Family in Sunbury find possum had been living in their children's bedroom for three days. (Courtesy: Caitlin Burch)

Children may often imagine a scary creature in their room or hiding under their bed, but for one Sunbury family it wasn't just their imagination. After their daughters insisted for three days about a creature in their bedroom, the parents found an opossum living it up inside the closet.

Caitlin Burch said last summer her seven and 10-year-old daughters came into her bedroom one night and told her that there was something in their room. She said the girls used the words "creature" and "rat" to describe the animal.

Burch told Buzzfeed, "the 7-year-old insisted that there was something in their room. The 7-year-old would not sleep in her room. They sleep in their room every night, but I told her she could sleep in the guest room that night if it made her feel better."

Her husband Brian then checked the room but didn't find anything, and told their girls it was probably nothing.

A few days after her kids complained about a "creature", Burch said her 10-year-old daughter came into their room at two in the morning screaming that it was an opossum. Her husband got out of the bed to check things out, and that's when he discovered their girls were right. The "creature" that had been living in their daughters’ room was actually an opossum

"It had crawled into one of the dresses hanging in the closet," Burch said. "It was peeking out of the neck hole."

The story came to light after Caitlin replied to a tweet from Chrissy Teigen about the opossum, and her reply went viral.

Burch said it took her husband about two hours to remove the animal from the home.