What's next for massive Planet Oasis in Delaware Co?

Bosco-planet oasis plans1.jpg

Developers of a massive entertainment complex to be built in Delaware County sounded confident about breaking ground on the project in just a few months, when they introduced Planet Oasis two weeks ago. But they must jump through bureaucratic and regulatory hoops before digging in to the Berkshire Township farmfields they control.

At least three things have to happen before the development can get underway, said Rod Myers, one of the three Berkshire Township trustees. The developers will have to submit traffic studies to ODOT, discuss their plans with the Delaware County Engineer, and show plans to the Berkshire Township zoning board, he said.

The 350-acre project could feature a salt-water lake, at least 15 hotels, sports facilities and much more. Developer David Glimcher laid out plans in a press conference last month. Glimcher said he hoped to break ground in December, with the first phase of the project completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Berkshire Township voters nearly scuttled the Tanger Outlet mall in 2013, putting the zoning to a vote. But Myers said that involved changing the existing zoning. The land controlled by Glimcher is already zoned for what he is proposing, so voters would not be able to weigh in.

"In this case, that doesn't apply," Myers said.

Myers said he'd prefer to see high-paying jobs, liked those in IT or the medical field, come to Berkshire Township, but he's cautiously optimistic about what Planet Oasis could bring. Still, it's not the project he'd like to see here.

"I honestly don't want to look out into that sky and see a ferris wheel."