Victim demands justice after he claims he was caught up in road rage attack

Steve-road rage assault1.jpg
A Columbus man says after a road rage incident in west Columbus, the suspect followed him home and continued to threaten him (WSYX/WTTE)

Columbus Police continue to search for a man who is accused of beating up a stranger after an alleged road rage run-in on the street.

"It's terrifying, it is panic inducing," said Logan, 25, as he talked about being beaten in front of his West Columbus home Saturday afternoon. "He was yelling, opened his car door, threw pizza at my door."

The confrontation started in front of a Little Caesar's Pizza on Demorest Road near Clime Road.

Logan says the driver cut him off in front of the business, and then threatened his life when both stopped at a nearby intersection.

"At the red light he was threatening to kick my ass or worse," said Logan.

After the drivers left in separate directions, Logan says he was shocked to find the man in front of his home. Logan says he came outside with a baseball bat fearing for his life. That's when the driver began punching Logan in the head and side of the face, resulting in a split earlobe and concussion. Logan's partner called 911 but could not get through.

"The first call resulted in all operators are busy," said Logan, who tells ABC 6/FOX 28 he had to call 911 a second time to learn officers were on the way.

Columbus Police say the 911 call came in at 5:01 PM, but no cars were available to be sent to the scene. At 5:13 PM an officer was dispatched, as soon as a cruiser was free. Police arrived at the scene at 5:16 pm , within three minutes of being dispatched, , but by then the suspect was long gone.

Ii asked the police what happens if he returns and I have to wait another 10-or-15 minutes for you to get here," said Logan, "he could possible kill me, waiting for you guys."

Logan describes his assailant as a possible Hispanic man, who is heavy set and was wearing only a pair of shorts. The suspect was said to be driving a maroon color SUV with white wheel molding on the passenger's side. The letters "H.K" are the first two letters on the license plate.

Anyone with information is asked to call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545