Valentine's Day flower order not up to par? Here's how you can fix it

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Valentine's Day flower order not up to par? Here's how you can fix it. (WSYX/WTTE)

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest spending days throughout the year, with people expected to spend $27.4 billion to celebrate this year; $2.3 billion of that is going to flowers alone!

So, you've done all the planning, survived the freak-outs and the sweaty palms, but the flowers are limp, or brown, or just a downer. Fret not! You can almost always get a replacement or your money back.

Flower delivery giant FTD has a seven-day policy. If you're not happy with your flowers, the company will replace or refund the full price within seven days of you receiving the arrangement.

Deliveries from 1-800-Flowers come with the the company's "100% Smile Guarantee." If your flowers are not up to par, the company will refund, redeliver, or exchange your order.

You can buy almost anything through Amazon, apparently even flowers for Valentine's Day; however, they are the combo breaker. Amazon themselves does not accept returns on fresh flowers or live plants. If a third-party shop filled the order, they may have different rules and you'll need to check with them.

Talking locally, Kroger delivers flowers through FTD, so their rules apply. If you pick up in store, you can obviously inspect your flowers there before you buy. Similar rules apply for Giant Eagle and other stores like that.

No matter where you go, including local florists, the takeaway is to check their return and refund policy before you buy. Every place is different and will play by their own rules.