Urban Meyer's retirement causes spike in Rose Bowl tickets sales

Alexis-rose bowl tickets1.jpg
After Urban Meyer's announcement that he's retiring after the Rose Bowl, ticket sales skyrocketed (WSYX/WTTE)

Urban Meyer’s last game as head coach for the Buckeyes will be the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day. The announcement has made the Rose Bowl the hottest ticket in town.

Since the announcement, Rose Bowl tickets have been scarce and skyrocketing in value.

"Now you have the chance to see Urban Meyer's last game with the Buckeyes and so that has drawn a lot of people in,” said AAA Spokesperson Kimberly Schwind.

Betty and Margie Hriesik were planning on going to the Rose Bowl, but didn't take action until they heard about coach Urban Meyer's retirement.

"The Rose Bowl is really special because there are a lot of things going on around it,” said Betty Hriesik.

"I hope he can bring a win back for Buckeye nation and go out like a winner," said Margie Hriesik.

Schwind said AAA is close to selling out of its Rose Bowl packages. "They have been going very quickly,” said Schwind. “We had a lot of interest on Monday and yesterday the interest picked up after the announcement that Urban Meyer was going to be retiring."

Prices for the packages range from just under $1,600 to $4,000.

"The air fare packages are extremely limited but we are going to be working to accommodate people by looking at air fare at other neighboring airports,” said Schwind.

On Ticketmaster, all tickets expect for club seats, which start at $850, are sold out.