School Shout Out: West Jefferson High School

andrew-school shout out 10-17.jpg
School Shout Out: West Jefferson has started a "High Five Hump Day" to improve school culture (WSYX/WTTE)

West Jefferson High School students are greeted a little different on Wednesday mornings. The student council went to a leadership conference at Wittenburg University and the conference focused on changing the culture of the school. The student council wanted to boost the mood of the students and get them energized for the day ahead, so they started High Five Hump Day. The principal loved the ideas presented and gave the students the green light.

Last week was the third week for High Five Hump Day and they are not stopping there. They want to make t-shirts for the cause and to raise money for their Multiple Handicap Room. Student Council also said that as they continue doing the High Five Hump Day they have noticed the students getting more and more involved and enthusiastic to start the day. The School Shout Out nomination was a phone call from a former teacher, but the principal was happy to step in to endorse the Student Council for their uplifting culture changes for the students.

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