Reese's gives Ohio man behind famed online photo the surprise of a lifetime

Reeses Candy 7.jpeg
Reese's gave Jon Ernst the surprise of a lifetime to thank him for his viral photo on Reddit. (WSYX/WTTE)

An Ohio man got the surprise of a lifetime, and is now swimming in Reese's after the company thanked him for his viral social media post.

Now famed Reddit user BlindCanadian from Edison, Ohio may be Reese's biggest fan. He rose to stardom after he posted a photo of himself in a bathtub filled with Reese's candy three years ago.

The caption was simple, "This is the moment I knew that I had finally made it."

Reese's candy representatives showed their appreciation by giving BlindCanadian, whose real name is Jon Ernst, a pool full of various Reese's candies.

"3 years ago I took a picture in a bathtub full of Reese’s that made it to the front page," said Ernst. "Today Reese’s gave me a whole swimming pool full."

Along with a pool full of 1,500 pieces of Reese's products, Ernst received lawn chairs, towels and beach balls to match. Reese's representatives called it a "Reese's Oasis."

Reese's even included their newest product, the Reese's Outrageous bar.

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