Rat infestation creating problems in Prairie Township

Bosco-rat infestation3.jpg
Franklin County Health Officials are working to stop a growing rat population in the Prairie Township area (WSYX/WTTE)

They were responsible for the plague in the middle ages and they are still a problem - a growing one in western Franklin County. Health officials are now working to control the rat population in some central Ohio communities.

Authorities scheduled four information sessions for residents, starting this week, as they try to make communities aware of the problem but also some ways to keep rats off their property. Wednesday, Sarah Fink, a sanitarian walked around an apartment complex pointed out multiple rat burrows. She didn't find any actual rats, but said that's because they usually only come out at night. If they show up during the day, you have even bigger problems.

"Usually if you're seeing rats out during the day, there's a lot more, probably at least 50 or so that you're not seeing," Sarah Fink with Franklin County Public Health said.

Franklin County Public Health has ordered apartment complexes to get their trash removed more regularly and to hire pest control companies. They say the informational meetings will focus on ways neighbors can fight back against the rat problem as individuals.