Preschooler steals the show at graduation with awesome dance moves

Preschooler graduation ceremony by Martina Blair.png
A little girl showed off her dance moves during her preschool graduation ceremony. (Courtesy: M. Blair)

One Ohio preschooler is shining bright at her graduation ceremony.

According to her grandmother, she loves to sing, dance, as well as arts and crafts. During her graduation ceremony, she was not afraid to show-off her dance moves to everyone. Her grandmother was recording to capture the big graduation performance only to end up with a viral moment.

The little girl's grandmother posted the video to her Facebook page and it spread fast.

The preschooler loves everything Disney, and she especially loves to sing songs from the Trolls soundtrack, her grandmother said.

She also really wants to be on Ellen one day... and well, that dream just may come true as the video spreads. Keep on getting down!