Preparing for winter before the cold and snow arrive

Rachael-prepared for winter.png
The seasons are changing quickly and now is the time to get ready for winter (WSYX/WTTE)

It feels like the fall foliage just started showing off, but now much of it is on the ground and the temperatures are dropping.

John Marcy and his Nature's Hands Lawn Care business have been busy raking up leaves that fell after last week's rain.

"It's basically just all hands on deck from now until another two weeks when the rest of the leaves fall and then we go straight into winter," Marcy said.

He says it seems like the leaves fell all at once, which means it's time to start thinking about getting your home ready for winter. "You don't want to leave the leaves on your yard because it kind of suffocates the grass and it'll create mildew in the grass and stuff so you want to basically remove all those leaves."

Once you get those leaves cleaned up, you might want to start thinking about car maintenance, even though it's not cold just yet.

"When and if it does hit quick everybody will be prepared and it won't be a surprise then," said Steve Miller of AAA Car Car Plus.

With below freezing temperatures in the forecast this weekend and snow a possibility soon, he says now is the time. "The extreme hot and the extreme cold. That's the two times of years when we're busiest changing batteries."

Miller says the battery, tire pressure and tread, and the windshield wipers are the three most important things to check before we leave fall behind.