Woman allegedly sexually assaulted by man that followed her home from UA library

Rob-Upper Arlington library 3.jpg
Upper Arlington police say an alleged sexual assault that started with a chat at a library remains under investigation. (WSYX/WTTE)

Upper Arlington police say a woman was sexually assaulted after she was followed home from the library.

Officer Bryan McKean said all parties involved in the case have been contacted, yet there’s been no arrest, nor charges filed.

A police report obtained by ABC 6/FOX 28 stated on May 8, a woman reported a man started talking to her at the Miller Park Branch Library. She alleged the man followed her home, forced his way in, and sexually assaulted her before bolting out a front door.

“It’s a very scary thing to think you have loved ones going to that library regularly, and walking home” said Kyle Baker, who along with his wife and two children. They have called Upper Arlington their home for a decade.

Police said they collected evidence from crime scene, along with a DVD a man named “Thomas” on the police report handled at the library.

The report showed “Thomas” asked to use the library phone. Investigators said they’re reviewing surveillance video images recorded that day.

Library officials said they can’t comment on specifics of the investigation, but stress safety is paramount.

“Recently, we’ve upgraded our camera system, the pictures are much more clearer, and we’ve added cameras,” said Upper Arlington public library executive director Chris Taylor.

While police weren’t able to provide specifics on a possible suspect, they assure the public’s in no imminent danger.

“I live in Upper Arlington because it’s a safe neighborhood, and we love being outside and walking around, and that makes me worried that’s happened in our neighborhood, close to where we live” said Upper Arlington resident Katelyn Baker.