Poignant photo captures family ahead of wedding at Children's Hospital

children's hospital photo.jpg

It's not the typical photo many families get on their wedding day. But an image captured in the halls of Nationwide Children's Hospital is quickly winning hearts and prayers online.

Saturday, January 7th, a central Ohio couple and their son headed to the hospital chapel for their wedding. In dress and tie, they walked through the halls with their toddler in the groom's arms, pushing a rolling IV pole and kid's wagon ahead of them.

The central Ohio couple's two-year-old son is currently in his second round of chemotherapy at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The family says the little boy was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer in February 2016. After going into remission in August, an MRI the day after Thanksgiving discovered it had returned.

The boy's grandmother snapped the photo of her daughter's family as they walked to the chapel, and shared it with the hospital.

Other families at Nationwide also saw the scene, with one commenting on an Instagram post she "sent them positive vibes as I passed by this beautiful bride and her husband this weekend..."

While the family is celebrating the marriage, they are also focused on fighting the battle against cancer with their beloved son and grandson. While the family is thankful for the prayers and thoughts from the public, we are currently not reporting their names for privacy.