Person killed after police-involved shooting in far east Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- An investigation is underway after a police-involved shooting Friday night.

Representatives of the Fraternal Order of Police said that plain clothes officers in the “Violent Crime Working Group” were confronted on the southeast side by a suspect they were trying to arrest.

The shooting happened around 5:15 p.m. on Lisbon Drive near Comstock.

FOP trustee Brian Toth said the suspect had active warrants and was a violent felon wanted for aggravated robbery. Toth said shots were fired, the suspect was killed and a gun was recovered. Toth said the officers are okay.

“The officers are in plain clothes. What they do as the violent crimes group, they go out as they are tasked to do, they try to make contact with these people that have active felons warrants,” said Toth. “This particular male did not want to be taken peacefully and he dictated our officers response.”

According to the FOP, the unit has made over a hundred arrests in Columbus without incident.

FOP Vice President Jeff Simpson said “there is never a more challenging time for our law enforcement officers than we have today. The support from the community is vital. The suspect’s actions dictated our reactions. He chose not to come peacefully. And the officers did what they had to do unfortunately, they had to keep the community and themselves safe.”

Neighbor Angie Disney said she heard the shots.

“It’s kinda scary. Most thing we have going on here like I said was car vandalism, I have never seen no or heard any gunshots or anything around here. We feel safe, well we did. That is gonna probably make us up our security a little bit.”

So far no official statement from CPD has been made about any details of the case. The investigation is ongoing. No names of the suspect or officers are being released.