No answers yet from Columbus police after viral video showing officer punching man

bodycam - officer punches man6.JPG
Jonathan Robinson, who was punched by an officer on a now viral video, was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business (Courtesy: Columbus Police)


Columbus Police posted body cam video from officers at the scene on their YouTube channel shortly before 7:00 PM. Earlier Monday afternoon they'd said they hoped to release it Tuesday.


Neighbors still have questions after seeing a video going viral on social media in which a Columbus Police officer punches a man. The man who was punched was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business.

It stemmed from an incident Friday on Stanley Avenue on the east side of Columbus. The CPD ShotSpotter system detected gunfire from an address on the street. As police investigated, a crowd formed and began to get agitated. Deborah Robinson began videotaping the incident.

The video shows her daughter-in-law approaching the house police were searching only to be stopped by officers. That’s when Jonathan Robinson got involved. “With you approaching my wife with your gun not holstered, and not only is it not holstered but your finger is on the trigger, I’m not thinking you’re coming to help her, serve or protect her,” Robinson said.

Officer AJ Johnson first pushed, then punched Robinson. Robinson was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and interfering. In a complaint filed in court police said Robinson approached “... with both fists clenched as if he was going to strike the Officer.”

Officer Johnson is known on social media for his videos showing him interacting with kids in Columbus neighborhoods and often dancing.

Over the weekend Columbus Police made a statement on Facebook saying Chief Tom Quinlan was reviewing body camera video and said a preliminary finding was the officers were protecting bystanders. The department also promised to release officer body camera footage Monday and asked citizens to be patient. Late Monday afternoon police said they hope to have some of the footage available for release Tuesday.