Mount Carmel places more employees on leave, appoints new leadership amid investigation

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As Mount Carmel continues the investigation into the deaths of 35 patients, they say they've now removed more nurses and pharmacists from patient care. In a new statement, the hospital says 30 employees are on administrative leave and an additional 18 no longer work for the hospital. They say some left the hospital years ago.

All of the patients were under the care of Dr. Husel and records show they were given excessive doses of narcotic pain medications shortly before their deaths.

Mount Carmel says the actions of 48 nurses and pharmacists are now under review, saying those names have been reported to nursing and pharmacy boards.

Mount Carmel also claims they have removed anyone associated with administering medications to any of the patients out of an abundance of caution.

One of those nurses, a former employee, is now on paid administrative leave from Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center.

ABC6/FOX28 did reach out to other health systems and will report back.

Mount Carmel is also revealing that five managers are also on paid administrative leave.

Previously, 23 people were on leave.

Mount Carmel also shared changes they are making to protocol, like restricting the ability to bypass pharmacy review when ordering medications or setting maximum appropriate doses for pain medications in their electronic medical records system.

ABC6/FOX28 reached out to both the state pharmacy and nursing boards.

The State of Ohio Board of Nursing met Wednesday and will again Thursday. Our team will be following any potential developments there.

The pharmacy board says by law they aren't allowed to share information about an investigation.

If they take action, those records will be public. But as of right now, we are told there are no board actions against any Mount Carmel employees related to our questions.

The hospital has also appointed new interim clinical leadership for Mount Carmel West, as well as new leadership in key areas of the ICU at the hospital. The previous physician, nursing, and pharmacy leaders of the ICU are now on administrative leave.

The hospital has identified 35 patients who under the care of Dr. Wiliam Husel who were given excessive and potentially fatal doses of pain medication. Nearly two dozen wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the hospital and Dr. Husel. There is also a criminal investigation underway, but no criminal charges have been filed yet.

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