Great Lakes Brewing Company introducing cans for the first time

Great Lakes Brewing Company announced they'll have 3 different beers available in cans starting May, 2017 (Courtesy: Great Lakes Brewing Company)

Cleveland's own Great Lakes Brewing Company is bringing a new look to Summer. For the first time ever, you'll be able to buy some of their beer in cans.

GLBC says there will be four different brews available in cans.

Beer lovers will be able to buy 12-packs of Turntable Pils, seasonal Lightkeeper Blonder Ale, and Rally Drum Red Ale which was a pub exclusive.

Great Lakes Brewing said in a statement they're "excited to introduce a new package their customers and partners have asked for, featuring three brands and styles that perfectly fit can-friendly venues and activities."

The company said they partnered with Harpoon Brewery in Boston to produce and package the canned beers.

You'll be able to find the cans in stores starting May, 2017.