Gahanna Lincoln cheerleader home from the hospital after collapsing during football game

Tara-Mya recovering1.jpg
Tara-Mya recovering1.jpg

One minute she's near death and the next she's on her way to a full recovery from a mystery illness. Gahanna Lincoln high school freshman cheerleader Mya Garrison is back home from the hospital after spending just over two weeks at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Mya was diagnosed with septic shock after suddenly collapsing while cheering during a football game.

What caused her near death experience may never be known. Right now, Mya is focused on returning to the life she had before.

"I just thank everyone for their support all the prayer cause it was a bit overwhelming but to have that amount of people praying for you I mean," said Mya Garrison.

Time stopped for the 14-year-old October 1st. She spent the next two weeks in the hospital, 13 of those days in the ICU.

"I remember not being sick, I was perfectly fine. I was tumbling, I was cheering, I was talking, I don't remember collapsing. I thought I tripped and fell," said Mya Garrison.

Mya collapsed while cheering on the Gahanna Lincoln Junior Varsity football team.

"Talk about a horrifying moment as parents there we are we're sitting there thinking wait is that our daughter," said Oyauma Garrison, Mya's dad.

Mya was rushed to Nationwide Children's in a critical state. "The situation escalated even more rapidly and as a result they had to execute some life saving measures. to really bring our daughter back," said Oyauma Garrison.

"It's unexplainable, they still don't know what the original source of the infection was septic shock is when you do have some sort of infection," said Sacheen Garrison, Mya's mom.

Mya is back home with her two brothers enjoying comfort food.

"We said the minute she walked out of the hospital our family is whole again," said Oyauma Garrison.

She has a lot of catching up.

"She's got a ton of cards from here if you name it the high school," said Oyauma Garrison.

Mya is grateful for the Lincoln Lions love.

"It's such a big school I didn't think they'd really notice me," said Mya Garrison.

Countless well wishes and even a special visit from her idol, Olympian Gabby Douglas. The two became friends during a May commercial shoot when Mya was Gabby's body double.

"I just want things to go back to how they were before," said Mya Garrison.

Oyauma and Sacheen Garrison couldn't be more grateful for the support from the hospital and community.

"And to them we just want to say thank you to everyone in the community who has reached out in some level of support prayer we just want to say thank you to each and every one of you," said Oyauma Garrison.

They never left Mya's hospital bedside and it's safe to say they'll stay close here on out.

"It was a touch and go situation for a while but needless to stay I"m proud to be sitting next to my lovely lovely baby girl," said Oyauma Garrison.

Mya's parents encourage other moms and dads to research and be aware of the signs of septic shock. Mya returns to school Monday but only for a half day. She won't be able to tumble for a while to avoid injury. She hopes to go to the remaining football games to return the support.