Former aspiring model pleads guilty to trying to hire hitman to kill husband's ex

Tara Lambert.jpg
Tara Lambert plead guilty to trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband's ex-girlfriend (WSYX/WTTE)

A former aspiring model will spend five years in prison for her role in trying to arrange the murder of her husband's ex-girlfriend.

Tara Arbogast (Lambert) plead guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated murder for trying to hire a hitman. Her original conviction was overturned after a judge ruled the case shouldn't have been allowed to proceed due to a prosecutor's error in the indictment language.

Police say Arbogast suggested using a wood chipper to dispose of the body. She was arrested after giving an undercover officer a $125 down payment for the job.

In court in early 2016, she apologized to her husband's ex-girlfriend Kellie Cooke, the mother of her two stepdaughters

"I never intended for this situation to get so out of control," Lambert said in court..