Hurricane Florence poised to wreak havoc on travel at John Glenn International

Bosco-airport delays2.jpg
Hurricane Florence is expected to cause cancellations and delays that will cause ripple effects at many airports, including Columbus (WSYX/WTTE)

It's still hundreds of miles from land, but Hurricane Florence is expected to lead to delays and travel problems in Central Ohio.

Travelers at John Glenn Columbus International Airport experienced no delays Tuesday, but some said they escaped the region that is threatened by Florence right in the nick of time. Cathy Nicholl is visiting Columbus from Oregon, in the midst of a month-long vacation. She was at the airport after a two-week stay with her son in North Carolina. Her son, she said, was under an evacuation order today. Cathy is also keeping her eye on another system, Tropical Storm Isaac, worried that it could affect a cruise she's scheduled to take next week with her sister.

"My sister cruises all the time," said Nicholl. "She said the cruise lines just go around the hurricane, so, fingers crossed."

Travel agents said travel insurance comes in handy, especially travelling during hurricane season. Kimberly Schwind with AAA of Central Ohio said for some, the risk of travel during the off-season is not enough to put them off.

"You could get some great deals," she said. "But you're taking a gamble."

Schwind said some airlines are waiving fees for switching flights because of expected problems from Florence.