Floor decals helping Columbus businesses educate customers on social distancing

A nonprofit is helping Columbus businesses educate their customers on how far to stand apart as Ohio eyes potential reopening after May 1. (WSYX/WTTE)

A twin-sized bed, two shopping carts, or eight stairs. Those are a few measurements to make sure you are staying at least six feet apart from others.

Businesses across Columbus are hoping to make that a bit easier with the use of floor decals. They are also giving back in the process.

“It’s always important to pay it forward,” said Dan Fronk, CEO of Dancor Solutions.

Dancor Solutions and ComDoc are two of the businesses coming together to support social distancing initiatives.

“We set up a nonprofit: Be smart and stand apart,” said Fronk.

The commercial printing and Xerox distribution companies are creating floor decals that remind people to stay six feet apart.

“If they buy 10 packs of 10 they are able to go ahead and customize them,” said Fronk. “That allows them to send their logo and we can put a personal message on that.”

Not only is it promoting safe distancing, but it’s a “buy a pack or give a pack” mentality.

“Either buy a pack or donate and give to your local essential business,” said Fronk.

The best part is that proceeds will go to the 100 Million Mask Challenge.

“$5 of every package that you buy will go to that donation, and 100% of donations that we receive will go that way,” said Fronk.

The 100 Million Mask Challenge sends personal safety items to healthcare workers. It’s something Drew Catanzaro, with ComDoc, was quick to support. Catanzaro’s wife is a nurse.

“She was getting feedback that masks were getting harder and harder to come by at the hospital,” said Catanzaro.

While still in the initial phases of the effort, the decals are proving to be a success.

“So far, revenues are approaching about $30,000,” said Catanzaro. “We’ve sold probably between 6,000 to 7,000 decals so far.”

Orders that are customized will take about a week to print and get to you. The companies will handle the delivery.