Fire destroys London storage facility along with customer's belongings

Bryant-storage fire3.jpg
A storage facility in London was destroyed, along with the belongings of customers, after a fire started Wednesday afternoon (WSYX/WTTE)

LONDON, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) Firefighters from multiple counties braved unbearable Summer heat to battle a three alarm storage fire.

The fire destroyed at least half of the 16 units at the London Storage Center according to London Fire Chief Todd Eades.

Chief Eades said no significant injuries were reported in the three alarm blaze, but the heat created problems for firefighters, "We had several of our firefighters go down due to heat exhaustion."

In addition to the heat, another concern was what was inside the storage facility, "We don't know exactly what's in a storage unit. We did have three small explosions at the beginning. The only thing we can attribute those to is some propane tanks or things like that. We're not exactly sure what that was at this time," explained Chief Eades.

Firefighters were able to respond quickly and extinguish flames, but the damage was already done to the units, including one belonging to Annette Perkins' sister, "It's heartbreaking. Their whole lives are in there. I know her whole life's in there. It's devastating."

A cause for the fire is not known, but Chief Eades said investigators are working to find answers