Fallen 15 charity softball game honors service members and their families


Gone but not forgotten.

Fallen 15 honors service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

The charity held a softball game that brought on smiles and tears.

Melissa Terry stands strong for her late husband, Army Sgt. Christopher Terry.

She sang the National Anthem and tossed out the first pitch.

Terry is keeping her husband's memory and devotion to the military alive.

"He wouldn't like the accolades but he absolutely deserves it," said Terry.

Sgt. Terry was among the service members chosen to be honored this year by the Fallen 15.

"Each year we do 15 new families we've had over 300 sailors soldiers men and women who have parishes in the conflicts," Scott Anderson with the Fallen 15.

On this day, a charity softball game.

A life experience for Olentangy High School baseball players as they take on veterans.

"We tell them all the time we're more than just baseball," said Ryan Lucas, Olentangy baseball head coach.

This is about remembrance.

"They want to make sure their service members service and sacrifice for our country isn't lost and that we don't forget about them," said Susan Bogan with Survivor Outreach Services.

Sgt, Terry joined the army in 2004.

He survived a tour in Iraq then fought another battle.

It was later discovered he had leukemia.

"He fought for a little over 2 years and passed away in March 2014," said Terry.

The military has a special place in Melissa's heart as does her husband's service.

"Did not expect to get emotions but you never know what's going to trigger the water works," said Terry.

Veterans, spouses, parents and children connecting on the field and in the stands.

"Sometimes the events are sad and emotional and sometimes it's about having fun together," said Terry.

The Fallen 15 raised just over $2300 during the softball charity game through donations, flower sales and a raffle. Concession sales are still being tallied.

The money goes to the Fallen 15 to support veterans and survivors with different events.