Expensive hand-made wooden bowl stolen from Clintonville furniture store

Steve-Clintonville bowl stolen2.jpg
A man walked out of a high-end furniture store with an expensive, hand-crafted wooden bowl valued at $1200 (Courtesy: TY Fine Furniture)

A Clintonville business is turning to customers and social media to identify a suspected thief who stole an expensive hand-crafted wooden bowl from it's showroom

"He just snuck right out with that piece," said Tarik Yousef, owner of TY Fine Furniture located on North High Street.

Yousef says last week, a man claiming to be a wood worker came into his store, and minutes after talking with employees, picked up a walnut bark-edge bowl and walked out the front door without paying. "It was pretty brazen, considering he talked to me and left his number," said Yousef.

The piece was created by a former Worthington artist and is valued at around $1,200.

"Very hard to get," said Yousef, "(It) took us years to get it into our store."

Yousef said he contacted the suspect who was caught on camera, allegedly stealing the bowl, asking him to return it, but he never did. "I actually told him to bring it back within the next few hours, and we won't do anything, we will just call it, he did not do the right thing obviously."

Which is why the business is now turning to customers and social media to identify the man wanted for taking the one-of-a-kind art piece

"it would be nice to get it back," said Yousef, " but really I would like to see justice to this individual."