Man claims road-raging scooter rider punched him in the face

Geoff-scooter road rage3.png

Before he knew what hit him, Parker Goodson says he was punched in the face at the corner of West Starr Avenue and North High Street in the Short North. The culprit: a rogue scooter rider whom Goodson says was in a group of four.

The riders all stopped short at a green light, Goodson said, so he tapped his horn to let them know to continue on in traffic.

"And they all get off their scooters, and come menacingly at my car," Goodson said. "One of them clocks me out of nowhere, while I'm still behind my door and have no chance of responding."

Goodson says the group rode away, illegally going down the sidewalk before making an illegal left turn onto East 2nd Avenue. He filed a police report, but says he has little faith in any better enforcement against the scooters based on recently-passed city laws.

"I don't think the police really can back (the laws) up, and I question how much they are," Goodson said.

A police spokesperson on Wednesday did not immediately have data on scooter citations, but confirmed no one unit of officers is devoting any special time to scooter enforcement. A police report lists the suspect as a white male, between 20 and 30-years-old, with a bright orange knit winter cap and a blue jacket.