Chemical leak forces evacuation at Pike County Government Center

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A pump for the cooling system at the Pike County Government Center malfunctioned, causing a leak of a chemical, and forcing authorities to evacuated the building (WSYX/WTTE)

Nearly 200 people were forced out the Pike County Government Center and authorities had to close the building because of a leak in a pump for the cooling system.

The pump malfunctioned, causing several gallons of a hazardous chemical to leak inside of a maintenance room, officials said. The chemical, MECT5, can cause breathing issues and is dangerous to the skin, so even though it was contained to one area, authorities evacuated the building out of precaution.

Crews were called in to clean up the spill, and a section of drywall in the maintenance room had to be removed.

The Center was shut down for all of Wednesday, and authorities say people who had court business or were planning to stop by the BMV will have to reschedule. The Board of Elections was working to try to open for part of Wednesday afternoon for anyone who wanted to early vote.