Caught in The Act: Thief knocks out clerk's tooth after stealing from convenience store

steve-clerk loses tooth2.JPG
A clerk had his tooth knocked out when he confronted a guy shoplifting candy at his convenience store (WSYX/WTTE)

An East Columbus store clerk is recovering after a crook punched him in the face, knocking out a tooth, during an altercation in the store parking lot.

"I tell him, please give me my candy back," said Babar Hussain, the store clerk.

Hussain who confronted the thief while he was working at a Sunoco gas station on Livingston Avenue. He says after the guy stole a handful of Laffy Taffy from the counter, he chased the suspect into the parking lot to confront him and that's when he was punched in the face and lost a tooth.

"He punched hard, blood is coming out," said Hussain.

Hussain was able to find his tooth in the parking lot and then called police.

Columbus Police now searching for the two suspects. Anyone with information is asked to call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545.