Thieves get away with hundreds of dollars worth of propane tanks

Steve-propane thieves1.png

South Columbus neighbors are on the lookout for two crooks who stole hundreds of dollars worth of propane tanks from a neighborhood convenience store.

"Crime doesn't pay buddy, they are going to get you, one way or another they are going to get you," said Nate Neely, a customer of The High Stop Food Market on south High Street.

Security cameras captured two men pull up in front of the business early Sunday morning in what appears to be a late model Ford Focus. The two men then bust open a locked cage and grab eight tanks before driving away. The owner of the store declined to talk with ABC 6/FOX 28 on camera, but said the stolen fuel and damaged cage set him back more than $1,000.

Neely says the crime impacts more than his favorite corner store.

"My truck could be next, they could hit my landlord's property," said Neely.

Columbus Police are now investigating the early Sunday morning theft, anyone with information is asked to call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545.