Call to End Hunger: Keeping students nourished after classes

The Children's Hunger Alliance funds a program that provides a hot meal every day for students at Champion Middle School in Columbus. (WSYX/WTTE)

It’s a sobering statistic: one in five children don’t know where they will get their next meal.

That’s why Children’s Hunger Alliance works with school districts in Ohio to make sure that students get a hot meal after classes. Dozens of students at Champion Middle School in the Columbus City School district get a hot meal every day. It’s part of the after school All-Stars program funded through the Children’s Hunger Alliance.

The kids get fruit, milk, vegetable, and some kind of protein. If they don’t want all the food a share table is set up for others to grab seconds.

President and Chief Executive Officer Judy Mobley says Children Hunger Alliance serves food to over 100 school sites in Central Ohio and 265 across the state which helps children get a nourishing meal that can fuel them for after school sports or keep them focused when doing their homework.

ABC 6 and The Children's Hunger Alliance are joining together for A Call to End Hunger telethon. Join us Wednesday April 26th to help raise awareness and financial resources for the program!