Buckeye fans anxiously waiting to learn Meyer's future as investigative team works

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The Ohio State University is not giving any timeline on when a newly appointed special independent board will decide the fate of football coach Urban Meyer, who is now on paid administrative leave.

"It's tense, when they bring in those kinds of powerful people, it's serious," said long time Buckeye fan and OSU alum Michael Joyce.

Ohio State announced Thursday it formed a special board to investigate when Meyer learned about alleged domestic violence involving former coach Zach Smith. Some reports say Meyer learned about the alleged abuse in 2015. Smith was fired late last month after it was learned he violated a protection order taken out by his ex-wife.

Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith did not respond to our questions when ABC 6/FOX 28 asked when the investigation could wrap up.

Practices remain closed to the public and players and coaches have been told not to talk to reporters about the matter, instead the university asking that the team focus on activities on the field.

The special independent panel includes Board of Trustees members Alex Fischer, Janet Porter, and Alex Schumate. The group also includes former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson, former acting US deputy Attorney General Craig Morford, and former U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of Ohio Carter Stewart. Davidson, Morford, and Stewart all have or have had ties to the university.

The appointed board will direct the work of the investigative team and will be available for consultation and assist with communication to the full board.

"The waiting is the hard part," said Joyce, " not knowing the results."