Brigid's Path: Babies receive home-like care to detox

Brigid's Path Maria 1.jpg
Brigid's Path Maria 1.jpg

Jill Kingston's dream has just become a reality.

She's the executive director of Brigid's Path. It's a unique facility located near Dayton that treats babies born exposed to heroin. It's a first of its kind facility in Ohio, and Kingston just received her first patient.

"We're often asked how we are different than a NICU. We have all NICU level RNs taking care of the babies and we have neonatologist around daily, just like the NICU," said Kingston.

What sets the facility apart is the 'home-like' setting and the comfort care the babies receive.

"Some of these babies don't need to be in the hospital. They need just to be held and they need to be rocked," Kingston said.

This is a safe place for them to detox and heal.

"If they are medically stable and the only support they need is to go through the withdrawal process, they do not need the NICU level care, " said Kim Kleinhans.

She works with the babies and their mother. She helps baby and mom build their bond.

"We will help provide infant based parenting classes that will focus on nurturing and bonding parents and make them aware of their own stress level," Kleinhans said.

Just another way Brigid's Path is filling a gap that Kingston discovered four years ago as a foster parent. That's when she first fell in love with these special babies.

"Every baby that came into our home had to go through withdrawal. They were exposed to heroin," she said.

Kingston says the cost to detox an infant at the hospital can run up $90,000. She says Brigid's Path can do it for a fraction of the cost and still keep the baby safe.