AT&T workers ready to go on strike if contract negotiations fail

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(Courtesy: WKEF/WRGT)

RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- The clock ticked closer on Saturday evening to a possible strike for some local AT&T workers.

Hundreds could be on the picket line if there's no contract agreement by midnight.

Dozens of AT&T workers had been at there union hall this evening, keeping up with what's happening at the bargaining table.

Union spokesperson Jeff Mitchell says negotiations started in March. Now it's down to the wire.

Some AT&T workers are preparing for a possible strike.

"We want a fair contract. We need to be able to maintain a quality of life and be able to raise our families," said AT&T worker Erin Walling.

They and family members were at the union hall waiting together to hear any news on the contract negotiations.

"AT&T has made record profits along with the big tax cut that we got this year. Our CEO made a statement that he would bring jobs back and create new jobs with that tax break if it passed and that's one thing he's not even entertaining at the bargaining table," said Mitchell.

The workers said the main thing they want is job security.

"Because of the fact our work is going to other people, contractors and overseas and obviously healthcare is a huge concern right now. The cost of healthcare just keeps going up," said Walling.

The Communication Workers of America Local 4322 Union President said if there's no contract agreement tonight, the current contract could be extended or workers could work without one but still have the option to strike.

"Every contract we've had since I've been here, we continued to work without a contract until it was settled," said Mitchell.

If the roughly 350 AT&T workers go on strike they said it could affect you too.

"U-verse TV, Direct TV, telephone lines, installations and repairs will be greatly delayed if we have to go on strike," said Mitchell.

The contract covers the local workers and employees in five states in the Midwest.

Fox 45 reached out to AT&T for a comment.

We're waiting to hear back from the company and will l keep you posted on the possible strike