A raw sewage flood in her home cost her thousands but a woman says the city isn't helping

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She's frustrated and fed up after being forced out of her home at the age of 74, all because of raw sewage flooding her basement.{ } (WSYX/WTTE)

She's frustrated and fed up after being forced out of her home at the age of 74, all because of raw sewage flooding her basement.

Mary Boschulte says the city of Columbus knows about the problem, but isn't doing a thing to help, and she is not happy.

"It's just a mess. I'm too old for this. I'm 74 years old," Boschulte said.

The scent of raw sewage in her south Columbus home can't be missed.

"Everything is molded now, smelly. I can't breathe this stuff coming upstairs," said Boschulte.

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Boschulte says the flooding was caused by a back-up in the sewer system last week. "I don't think it's fair. Somebody should have been out here from the city saying this is what we're going to do. That's what I expected because it's the city's problem that the sewage backed up," said Boschulte.

A city maintenance team showed up to Boschulte's home this week. The water is gone, but not the problems. "The only thing he showed me was that the sewage was draining and there's no backup. But, I said well there was a backup last Saturday cause it was in my basement," Boschulte said.

She's now left with a bill for nearly $15,000 to rip out the walls and flooring. That's not counting the cost to replace ruined furniture and make repairs. She'll have to fill out a claims package with the city; the time to investigate that is about 30 to 60 days. Boschulte says that at this point she doesn't believe the home is safe. Until things are cleaned up, she's living in a hotel. Her hope is that the city will cover the damage.

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"There's no guarantee I'm going to be reimbursed or any of my personal items are going to be replaced from the sewage that backed up from the city and am i happy about it? No!" said Boschulte.

Boschulte says she does have insurance, however, her insurance company will only cover about $10,000 of the damage. She believes there should be emergency steps the city takes to help homeowners out in situations like this.

City administrators said at this point the time frame to address Boschulte's problems will not be moved up.


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