99-year-old city council member, oldest poll worker in Franklin County passes away

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Dr. Glyde Marsh, the oldest poll worker in Franklin County and a New Albany City Council member, passed away September 11th at the age of 99 (WSYX/WTTE)

Just two days shy of his 100th birthday, a New Albany City Council member who'd dedicated his life to the community passed away.

Dr. Glyde Marsh died September 11th at the age of 99. He would've turned 100 on September 13th, after surviving World War II, a brain injury, two types of cancer, and being hit by a train.

"I think it's luck, destiny, roll of the dice," Marsh told ABC 6/FOX 28 in May.

Marsh was in Paris when Germany surrendered, witnessed the concentration camps in Germany, and was on his way to Japan when they announced surrender to end World War II. City officials say he loved to tell stories about his time in the military.

After WWII, Marsh moved to New Albany in 1946. He was still active as the oldest elected official in Ohio, serving on the New Albany City Council since 1998.

"Dr. Marsh was a true American hero, someone who served his country and his community his entire life, and a genuinely good man," New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding said in a statement. "It was an honor to service with him on Council. Council Chambers will not feel the same without his presence."

Dr. Marsh was also one of the pre-eminent poultry veterinarians in the country, and continued working up to his death, traveling around Ohio three days a week.

He was also the oldest poll worker in Franklin County, returning every election since 1954 to help people vote. In May, he said he'd only missed one election in those decades - when he slipped under a truck and his leg was broken - and was planning on working the November election.

"You want to be able to complain about your government and you have no right to complain if you're not voting," Marsh said.

City officials say there will be a public celebration of his life at the Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany on West Main Street, starting at 2:00 pm Friday, September 14th.