6th time's the charm: Logan Elm voters finally approve levy for new school

Maria-Logan Elm levy1.png
After 15 years and six tries, voters in the Logan Elm School District approved a new levy (WSYX/WTTE)

After a 15 year battle, current 8th graders at Logan Elm schools will now be the first senior class to graduate in a brand new school, thanks to voters in the Logan Elm School District.

"I came home and did my homework and waited and waited for like three hours, " said 8th grader Ava Neff.

She and her classmates have been crossing their fingers that the bond levy would pass. The district's been trying since 2003 to build a brand new school for 1700 students. After trying five times to voters to approve a levy , finally success Tuesday night on the 6th try.

"We will now have one building instead of six," said Superintendent Tim Williams. "It will be pre-k through 12th grade. This will give our teachers the opportunity to collaborate. It will improve safety."

The superintendent says the schools have been in dire need of replacement. Overcrowding has been an issue from elementary school to high school, and four elementary schools in the district are more than 100 years old.

"The aging buildings, the upkeep is expensive," Williams said.

The current cost to homeowners is $21.26 per $100,000 value on a home. But the skies the limit on the new school's potential said Williams.

"Science labs that are up to date instead of ones built in 1960. The technology is just better," the Superintendent said.

Students like Ava Neff cant wait to move in.

"Everybody wants a new school because there's places in this building which are torn down or not up to date," she said.

Students will have to wait a little while. The project is expected to take about four years before it's finished.